About Kathleen

KathleenMcIntire1Kathleen McIntire is a transformational teacher, speaker, and healer who is dedicated to bringing forth the silenced voices of the feminine including women and the Indigenous, for truth, liberation and awakening on our planet. Her focus is on restoring the feminine power. 

Kathleen has created Guiding Signs 101 with artist Erin Cote, a set of wisdom – intuition cards and Guidebook using everyday road signs to tap into your own inner guidance and intuition.

Her latest project has been writing the chapter “Bringing Darkness Back Into the Light” for the anthology book “Journey to Joy”.  This book highlights 36 women and their heroes journey to joy and what they have overcome to live from a place of joy.

KathleenShe is the steward of MoonBear Sanctuary, located on 28 acres in Northern California. The intention of the Sanctuary is to give birth to the New Paradigm – one of love and a world that works for all life on our planet. The retreat center provides cutting-edge workshops as well as ceremonies, rituals, study groups, and symposiums.

Kathleen also leads sacred transformational journeys with women. She has lead journeys to the Andes and rainforest of Ecuador, to Guatemala, revolving around the 20-day Mayan Tzolkin Calendar including Winter Solstice in Tikal with fire ceremonies by the Mayan Elders. Her latest women’s journey was to Peru.

Kathleen is the producer of “Mayan Renaissance” released May 2012, was created by PeaceJam, a center with 13 Nobel Peace Laureates hosting programs bringing peace to youth.  This film has been shown on PBS and airing in film festivals internationally. Kathleen is part of a project created by the Nobel Peace Laureate, Rigobera Menchu-Tum to use the film as an educational tool for 600 Indigenous Youth Leaders around the world.

Kathleen’s Articles have been Featured in: News Blaze, Milwaukee Community Journal, Aquarius Magazine ,Health News Digest, Club Spa, Retailing Insight, SheKnows, PajaMA Mommy Community, WE Magazine, Life After 50,  Daily Venus Diva, Utah Boomers Magazine, Washington Afro American.

Kathleen’s Radio Interviews: WJON-AM broadcasts, Minneapolis. KMMT-FM. Exhausted Parents Network. WUML-FM, It’s your Health Network- NPR affiliate, Boston, Brownsville, Panama City, Florida, St. Louis. Abby Santiago-Monroe, Host of Healthy, Wealthy n Wise with Abby. The SOP, Judyth Piazza. Blog talk Radio: Kacey on the Radio & Dr. Rose, Rewiring Your Brain. Radio Ear Network: Everyday parenting with Lisa Hein.

Kathleen had a successful career in business when she was younger and has lived abroad and traveled extensively around the world.

Kathleen’s website addresses are www.SoaringInLight.com and www.GuidingSigns101.com