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Powerful Peruvian Prophesies, Portals and Perceptions at Play

How does the caterpillar know what it feels like to be a butterfly, to have wings and soar? Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” How can one know what a Golden Age of Humanity can be like when we are looking through the lens

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An Aries with a Cell Phone at the River

  For the key really is asking the powerful questions, For you are then upon a quest for your answer, And that is where your focus lies. My friends and I went to our favorite nook of the Yuba River the other day, and I forgot to unpack my cell phone from my backpack.  So

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Utilizing the Powerful Eclipses to Evolve into Higher Consciousness

Today, Thursday April 25, 2013 is the full moon and lunar eclipse! Two more eclipses are also coming right up. This powerful time is like a wormhole, or shortcut, for evolving our consciousness. According to astrologer Pat Liles “If we can stay grounded and on center, this will truly push us onward and upward on

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New Moon, New Age, New Earth

We are immersed in very powerful energies right now.  Are you feeling it?  So much is coming up to be seen and released.  Everything is speeding up.  As things speed up around us it is very important for us to intentionally slow down.  

Lunar Eclipse: Change, Transformation and Endings for Us

As I write this, it is November 28 2012, and the full moon lunar eclipse has just finished! Eclipses are a time of change and transformation. Solar eclipses come on the new moon, and they represent a time for new beginnings. Lunar eclipses are about endings. I am taking the present opportunity of the lunar

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