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Following My Heart to Find My Tribe

    Fifteen years ago I began studying with the late Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., the cultural anthropologist, author, and teacher of The Four-Fold Way, which is about ancient indigenous wisdom from around the world. I had been taught to do what I was supposed to do. To hear about only following your heart and doing

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Lunar Eclipse: Change, Transformation and Endings for Us

As I write this, it is November 28 2012, and the full moon lunar eclipse has just finished! Eclipses are a time of change and transformation. Solar eclipses come on the new moon, and they represent a time for new beginnings. Lunar eclipses are about endings. I am taking the present opportunity of the lunar

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Make your Holiday Gift Giving in 2012 Meaningful and Enlightening

When my son was in High School he asked to have a family meeting. The subject was Christmas presents. He said he loved Christmas and Christmas dinner but hated the whole “present thing. It created such stress for him. He felt like we had so much, why were we even giving presents to each other?

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