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No U-Turn

As my Guiding Signs 101 “No U-Turn” card encourages, stay the course!  Have the courage not to return to old comfort zones!  In fact, the coming Summer Solstice and full moon provide great opportunities to create or strengthen the Shift we are in with Ritual you can use now and up to 72 hours after

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A Tool for Accessing Deeper Wisdom

One of the incredible tools I have found to access deeper wisdom is through shamanic drumming.  I have been given visions in the drumming journeys that would help me with decisions I needed to make in the present moment as well as guidance for major events that would happen in the future. The specific number

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Which Paradigm Are You Choosing?

Here we are in January.  The holidays are over and it is now a quieter time.  Many people have a hard time in January.  It is one of the darkest months of the year.  The winter is an inner time and we live in such an “outer” culture.