Events at MoonBear Sanctuary

Upcoming Events for 2014:

A Shamanic Journey Group

November 20th 7pm

Prepare to have fun and meet or enhance your relationship with your Souls Higher Self, Inner Guides and Animal Helping Spirits.

The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying allows one to enter an altered state traveling deep within the subconscious mind.

Accessing Awareness, Intuitive Growth, Creativity, Power Enhancement, Clarity and Confidence.

Many levels of healing are available to you.

For more info and to register contact Valerie Free Star:

530 446-6147


Qi Gong and Energy Awareness for Healing

In this weekend workshop you will be introduced to the ancient Taoist practices of medical Qi Gong.

Learn to build your own energy body and Qi reserves.

Discover your ability to sense and move energy in your own body.

Develop your skills at projecting and manipulating energy to heal others.

Improve your intuition like you did as a child, through fun games.

November 15th & 16th 10am – 5pm

200$ investment in your super powers.

12 CE Hours for Massage Therapists

If you have any questions contact Cassidy at
Space is limited.
To reserve your space email info@beyondmindbody or cal 530-265-4183

NMT Stretching Workshop

October 4 – October 5

Flexibility is an attribute that must be developed in both mind and body, simultaneously.

The need for the body and mind to relax and feel safe is one of the beneficial thresholds that must be traversed for a real deep stretch to occur.

In this workshop you will learn advanced stretching techniques that has been used by physical therapists, special forces operatives, massage therapists, martial artists, dancers, and international circus performers to develop and maintain extreme flexibility and stability, safely.

The techniques presented in this workshop will help you to build flexibility and stability in full ranges of motion.

By the end of this workshop you will understand the difference between Active, Passive and Dynamic flexibility and how to stretch specifically for each.

You will discover how to tell when you are stretching in a way that is damaging your body, or helping you to reach your goals.

You will also get hands on practice coaching and assisting others to stretch in a therapeutic way which can be incorporated into any healing session.

Your investment for the whole weekend is only $200.
12 CE hours available for completion of this workshop.

Space is limited.

To reserve your space today, call 530-265-4183 or email:

The Oct. 8th ~ Shamanic Journey Group ~ Is of the Full Moon.  This October Hunters- Blood Moon incorporates a full Lunar Eclipse on this date..    On a Lunar Eclipse the Moon temporarily gets lost within the Earths Shadow.

 We as living beings can temporarily get lost within our own shadow sides.
 On this evening we will journey to our own collective-conscious subconscious to “meet and explore”  our most prominent Shadow Side &  Experience a more ‘positive way’  to this side.
 Those whom are newer to Shamanic Journey will have a lighter experience to simply meet your guiding spirit and become aware of what is best to be released to this Full Moon. .
 Valerie Free Star is Your  Intuitive Shamanic Facilitator.  She has advanced Indigenous Shamanic Study within this shadow realm.  You will be  guided, guarded and Protected  within Valerie’s Helping Spirits and Guides and the sacred space she creates.
Peace, Light & Love, Valerie Free Star “Eagle Rising”  @   An
Ancient Shamanic  Collective Conscious Energy Healing Oasis.
530 446-6147


Womb Awakening activation and training. October 11th. 9:30am-4:30pm

Through our wombs we access our deepest healing power:

-Our wombs are the most underestimated and undervalued aspect of
women’s embodied spirituality today.

-Through the process of healing the deep wounds that have imprinted
in our womb matrix, we gain access to our greatest evolutionary power.
-Our capacities for evolutionary growth grow exponentially, and our ability to be an
effective bridge between the worlds ignites our deepest power of consciousness.Are you ready to take your evolutionary work to another level?
Are you willing to meet a depth of healing power in yourself you have
yet to access until now?
Do you long to touch people, to help change lives with greater impact
than you have until today?In this one- day training on October 11, we will cover the basics of how to tap into your
deepest evolutionary power and feminine potential through Womb Matrix Awakening.We will journey through:
 • 5 Steps to access your deepest evolutionary power through womb consciousness
• Release unconscious blocks that create resistance to your unknown power & potential
• Receive transmission and activation of the primordial realms & Cosmic Mother
Presence within you to the capacity you are ready for
• How to continue the unfoldment of womb consciousness in your life and workFor more info on this life-changing training Click Here

Awaken your Primordial Healing Power
A deep womb power activation and introductory training
for healers, teachers, and women who serve women
“A woman’s deepest healing power lies in the unseen and unknown realms; how she gets there is through her own womb”

The shamaness, the healer, the midwife of the soul needs to know how to access her most fundamental depths, to be seated in her primordial being while soaring to her heights.   Until you awaken to this capacity, you will always feel like something is missing.  When you land in this deep womb consciousness, you naturally open to your greatest capacity to heal yourself and others.

p.s.  Maleda is offering this introductory training at a fraction of the price she would usually,
because she wishes to introduce as many local women to this powerful work as possible. be sure to take advantage of the early bird price of $88 if you register before October 1.

Womb Matrix Healing

“Through this work, I feel like I have discovered the basic building blocks of life. It has fundamentally shifted my perspective and field of possibility. I can now move into my future with certainty, excitement, and ease.”
-Kathleen Haas, Nurse Practitioner, Crestone, Co

“Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the Immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility. I have experienced intense changes in all aspects of my life including, a stronger more peaceful relationship with my children, the removal of toxic relationships, healthier personal habits, a promotion which allows me more personal time and increased cash flow, and most importantly, a truly loving relationship with myself. The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening.” – KT Lapp, West Chester, Pa

“All of the fruit from my years of intense spiritual practice, all of the meditation, yoga, lightwork, initiations from powerful masters, intentions, renunciations do not hold a candle to what happened when the consciousness of my womb awakened.
All seeking ceased.
I fully landed in my Self.
My perspective shifted from the small “me” to being the all encompassing Divine Feminine Presence of life itself.  I found a gateway to the cosmos thru my own womb, a gateway to the empty space in which I rest.
What astounds me most is how vital, how essential womb consciousness is to the awakening woman, and how little this is taught or honored in the spiritual traditions that are proliferating today.
This is our deepest feminine power, our effortless landing in Truth, and the greatest offering I have in life.” -Maleda

The5 Elements

October 18 – October 19
In this workshop you will be introduced to the elemental archetypal energy of the ancient Chinese tradition and how to use their wisdom in a healing session.
You will learn the emotional phases of the human being and how to balance them energetically.
You will learn powerful Acupressure points for bringing balance and encouraging the natural flow of feelings.

You will also learn powerful coaching techniques for reversing uncomfortable emotions, so you can transform and empower the emotional landscape of your clients and yourself.

Your investment for the whole weekend is only $200.
12 CE hours available for completion of this workshop.

Space is limited.

To reserve your space today, call 530-265-4183 or email:

*This local event is being held at a different location- not at Moonbear Sanctuary*


securedownload[1]Yoga for Trauma Recovery ~ Teacher Training ~
The Powerful 8-Step System to Transform Surviving into Thriving

FREE Intro Night
Unity in the Gold Country ~ Thursday, Sept. 18, 7:00pm
Golden Mandala Studio ~ Saturday, Oct. 4, 7:30pm

85 Hour Training at Golden Mandala Studio
Oct. 11-12, 18-19, 24-25 | Nov. 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 12:30-5:30pm
For course locations check website:


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MoonBear is now open for retreats, sanctuaries and workshops.
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