MoonBear Sanctuary

Birthing Center for the New Paradigm of Love on our Planet

A perfect Gathering Center for small workshops, events, or personal retreats!

Make MoonBear Sanctuary  your “go-to” haven in Nature.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of 28 pristine acres of majestic pine and oaks of MoonBear Sanctuary, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just minutes from charming historical Nevada City, California.

MoonBear Sanctuary is comprised of 28 pristine acres and is just minutes from charming downtown Nevada City, CA. While you’re at MoonBear you will be right next door to Lower Scotts Flat Lake and walking distance to the new Scotts Flat trailhead which connects to the Pioneer scenic trail, for stellar hiking and biking.

MoonBear Features: 

    • The Womb Room–a 30’ circular yurt, ideal for group meetings of up to 30 people, with wrap-around deck, bamboo floors, gas stove, a/c, projector and professional sound system.


    • Sleep over in The Enchanted Fairy Cottage, just steps from the yurt, equipped with full kitchen, soothing slate and stone bathroom, and convenient loft with a comfy king-sized bed.


    • Walk the Stone Labyrinth created in a Women’s ceremony, every stone laid in silence with prayers and visions for a world of love that works for all life.


    • Large Native American tipi–sleeps 8-10 people and can comfortably seats 15 people.


    • Camping may be permitted under special circumstances.


    • Located right next door to Scotts Flat Lake, we are walking distance to the new Scotts Flat trailhead, which connects to the Pioneer scenic trail for stellar hiking and biking.

“This sanctuary is set in pristine forest of the sierra foothills. The moment you set you your foot here you feel HER everywhere. The scented air by pine trees, the wind in their needles, the variety of greens. A large circular yurt with fireplace lit up welcomes you to choose your meditation spot or a cozy cushion… may your journey begin… Namaste, Val”


MoonBearAfter divorcing six years ago I wanted to lessen my footprint on the earth and move into a small cottage. I had already filled out the real estate papers to sell the land. I sat down on the earth and meditated and heard a voice ask me not to sell the land and tell me that I should stay here. Incredulous, I asked: “Are you sure?” And the reply was “yes.” The voice also told me that I was to share this land with others. For several years I thought I had been asked to stay here to steward the land. Then one day I was walking on the land and I realized how much love this sacred place has given me, how much it has held and nurtured me.

Last year I had two dreams about the land. In my first dream I was told that this land is a Birthing Center for the New Paradigm on Earth. The second dream took place in May 2010 when I was in Kauai: I dreamt that the land was a “diamond light.”

Shortly after that an interesting set of circumstances brought Robbyne LaPlant of White Wolf Journeys here, along with her husband, Guy, and connected us for the first time. She is an intuitive and a custodian of our planet doing work on many continents. She saw that MoonBear was a sacred site on our planet and as she stepped onto the ground she confirmed what she had seen beforehand.

When Gail Larsen of Real Speaking arrived here in May of 2009 to lead a workshop, she had a profound dream before coming. She had lost her purse and was retracing her steps through the woods to find it. Lo and behold, the elves and little people of the forest were coming toward her on a path through the forest singing her name in the most haunting and melodious sounds. She heard them but kept looking for her purse! So the next morning she consciously reentered her dream and waved to them. They ran to her excitedly exclaiming, “It’s Gail! It’s Gail!” And they had her purse.

When Gail got to Moonbear and experienced the woods, she said, This is the magical place of my dream.”

People often report feeling healed and whole from just being on this land. People always marvel at how sacred it feels here


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