Acknowledging Kathleen

Kathleen and Nina Simon“Kathleen is a rare woman – gifted and engaged on so many levels – heart, hands, mind and spirit. Her attunement to authentic service and sensitivity to right use of ritual are essential medicines for this time.

As a great lover of people and beauty, relationship and the Earth, she bridges the worlds effortlessly, with poetry, dexterity and grace.”
Nina Simons – Social Entrepreneur, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Bioneers, Co-Founder of Cultivating Women’s Leadership
Nina Simon and Kathleen McIntire at Passion In Action: A Women’s Conference

”Hi Kat, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day! You know you are doing something very powerful and wonderful (for me) – every Thursday! You have opened “doors” doors to my heart that I had kept shut and hidden! You have touched my soul… Thank you!!!!”  -Bilkis Whelan, author of “Vastu” – The ancient Indian practice that guides the way people interact with their environments, a member of Kathleen’s course in London on “The Artists Way and More”

Pamela Astarté“Kathleen is not only an amazing teacher and ceremonial leader, she is in touch with divine nature in all that she does. She speaks with the deep knowledge of the Divine Feminine as channeled through Mother Mary. She devotes every moment of every waking hour to bringing forth the vision of a new world where love and harmony exist for all people throughout the world. Her work is divinely inspired.”   -Pamela Astarte, CMR practitioner, teacher and ceremonialist, participant in several of Kathleen’s rituals on her land


“I admire and love her. She is generous and has a holistic approach to life. She is spiritual and warm with a calm and gentle manner. She is open to the universe and has a thirst for the meaning of life and how to live it to the fullest. She has a beautiful smile and gentle laugh. Has the ability to move in and out of different “worlds”. She is a teacher with great group leading skills – able to help people open up and to support them.”  -Diane Goldman, Mill Valley, Ca.


Kathleen McIntire and Nina Simmons, co-founder of Bioneers and co-founder of Cultivating Women's Leadership, at Kathleen's home for a small salon exploring women's leadership today.

Kathleen McIntire and Nina Simmons, co-founder of Bioneers and co-founder of Cultivating Women’s Leadership, at Kathleen’s home for a small salon exploring women’s leadership today.


Dawn Engle “Kathleen is a wise woman, an angel of light, and a kind and gentle spiritual guide.  Her use of sacred ceremony to bring forth the divine feminine is incredibly powerful — and her work is of essential importance at this critical time in the history of our planet.  Her love for Mother Earth, for all of humanity, and for all that is created, shines through her in such a extraordinary way that she is able to inspire and heal souls; and her talent for connecting each one of us with our own intuitive wisdom, the divine within, is unparallelled.  It is an incredible honor to be able to call her my friend.” –Dawn Engle

“The Guiding Signs created by Kathleen McIntire and Erin Cote are an incredibly powerful tool.  We used these fantastic Guiding Signs cards for the very first time at a summer retreat for all the senior leadership from across the country for our not-for-profit, The PeaceJam Foundation.  By starting the retreat with the Guiding Signs, we were able to move very quickly past personalities and ego driven discussion to our deepest intuitive selves.  Each member of the group was able to set very meaningful personal intentions for the retreat.  Even the most skeptical among us were astonished at the accuracy of the guidance they received by connecting in this new way with their own intuitive wisdom.  We also used the cards very successfully to give all of the members of our team a deeper appreciation for the different forms of leadership they each possess (North, South, East and West), and some critical insights into how to foster all four kinds of leadership within themselves, and also the importance of working in true teams where the gifts of every person are appreciated and valued.  Many members of our team are still using the Guiding Signs, to this day.   I would strongly recommend the use of these clear, playful and profound Guiding Signs cards, to anyone planning a staff retreat, of any kind.”

Dawn Engle – Co founder of peace Jam

Franceska Alexander, M.F.A.
“The prime mover of the Peru Journey with Kathleen was the heartfelt experience of living and breathing the rare depth and breadth of Nuna Ayni.
With the beauty of the Apu’s, cleansing from the waterfalls, Quechua prayers, and the abundant life force filled food served in company of a loving group of friends, our trip was 
incredibly nourishing for my heart and soul!”
 -Franceska Alexander, M.F.A.



The trip to Peru was so much more than a “vacation”. On this adventure of a lifetime in enchanting Peru, I was able to transform some deep seated habits and heal others that I had longed to change for years, but they had stubbornly stayed in my life. Through the shamanic healings by Luzma, I feel returned to my truth and wholeness physically, mentally and spiritually. I cannot thank Kathleen and Luzma enough for this journey. Every woman should give themselves the gift of this healing journey.

-Mary Elizabeth Young